Serving our clients for more than 25 years

integrity experience

We have been providing services for more than 25 years to our clients, who are active in diverse areas of domestic and international business. With our professionalism and integrity, we have gained the continuous and renewed trust of our clients, many of whom have decades of cooperation with our office. If you are not our client yet, get to know us!


Clients quotes

  • The knowledge, pragmatic approach, and partner control sets Bán, S. Szabó, Rausch & Partners apart from other firms. We receive the same service from them as that of large international firms. There is practically no fluctuation at the firm, which makes it easy to work with them as there is no need to fill them in on the background of the mandates. This is really beneficial for me as an in-house counsel.
  • The unquestionable professional qualities and the wide scale support we received, the professional negotiation skills and the great international experience convinced us that cooperation with your Office is very useful for us.
  • To me personally, this mutually beneficial cooperation provided security and significant support, and I enjoyed the occasional casual conversations. I consider myself lucky for being able to participate in this relationship.
  • First of all, I would like to extend our highest appreciation for your great work and support provided. I am more than happy that you accepted this project and helped us to accomplish it successfully.
  • Cooperation with you was very critical part of this project.
  • We find [BSRP attorney] to be professional and knowledgeable, we are convinced that he has nothing but our best interests in mind. I would recommend this law firm to anyone who is looking for the highest standards.