We support our clients in complying with and following the data protection rules.

We review and prepare our clients’ privacy policies and information letters in accordance with the GDPR and other data protection rules and guidelines, in particular

  • the privacy information to be provided to employees and customers,
  • the privacy policy to be published on the website,
  • the data protection agreement used by our clients,
  • the security rules.

Bán, S. Szabó, Rausch & Partners’ data protection practice includes:

  • Preparation of Documentation: We review the data management processes, especially with regard to data transfers, in the case of data processing based on legitimate interests, we prepare the legitimate interest test report, the data protection information to be published upon entering the workplace, as well as the rules of possible workplace monitoring, image, video and audio recording;
  • Advising: We give advice on the lawful and diligent processing of special type of data, in particular on the possibilities of processing health data (e.g., from an occupational safety point of view) that comes to the attention of our clients. We monitor the applicable regulatory practice and inform our customers about it;
  • Representation: If necessary, we represent our clients in the proceedings before the National Data Protection and Freedom of Information Authority

Key contacts:

Dr. Szemán Péter


Indusrty fields:

Munkajog, Adatvédelem, Társasági összefonódások és felvásárlások
Language skills: angol

Dr. Szabó Gergely


Indusrty fields:

Energia, Technológia, Média és Kommunikáció, Pénzügyi jog, Általános társasági jog, Adatvédelem, Társasági összefonódások és felvásárlások, Versenyjog
Language skills: angol, francia