Our public procurement practice offers legal services and advice to various entities, such as government agencies, municipalities, corporations, and contractors, who are involved in the process of public procurement. Public procurement refers to the process by which government bodies and public sector organizations acquire goods, services, or construction works, usually through a competitive bidding process. The practice of public procurement law involves a range of activities, including:

Regulatory Compliance: Ensuring that clients comply with relevant regulations and laws, which can include state, or local regulations governing the procurement of goods and services by public entities.

Tender Process: Assisting clients in understanding and navigating the tendering process, including preparation of bidding documents, understanding evaluation criteria, and ensuring that bids are compliant with legal requirements.

Dispute Resolution: Representing clients in disputes that may arise during or after the procurement process, including representation of clients before the Hungarian Public Procurement Authority and in court procedures.

Anti-Corruption and Ethics: Advising clients on anti-corruption and ethical considerations in the procurement process, including compliance with anti-bribery laws, conflict of interest regulations, and transparency requirements.

Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs): Assisting with the legal aspects of establishing and operating public-private partnerships, which are often used to undertake large infrastructure projects.

Training and Education: Offering training sessions, seminars, or workshops to clients and stakeholders to ensure they are updated with the latest legal requirements and best practices in public procurement.

Self-clearing procedures: assisting clients in connection with self-clearing regulations and representation before the Public Procurement Authority during self-clearing procedure, which, in case of positive outcome, allows clients to exempt from the negative consequences of being banned from bidding in public tenders.

Key contacts:

Dr. Tímea Márkus

Associate, accredited public procurement consultant

Industry fields:

Public procurement law
Language skills: english, german